Chicago Tile Reglazing & Refinishing

Save up to 80% or more over replacement, refinishing and construction costs! Change the Color – Update and restore your existing tile by bringing the color up to date.

Receive the great warranty in the industry – Written guarantee given for the industry leading FIVE years! Stone-Fleck Multicolor - This premium coating will give your bathroom a high class stone-like finish. Savings of 85% or more over specialized tile construction.

Chicago Tile Refinishing - Tile Reglazing - Full Bathroom - Before & After

Our professional team offers process is specifically designed to promote optimal adhesion and longevity. Even including our Stone-Fleck material, which will give you the likeness of granite or other stone surfaces while simultaneously preserving the feel of your tiled walls.

We provide great and 100% guarantee Chicago Tile Refinishing services. We provide process allowing you to completely update any tile whether it be in kitchen or bath areas to a like new finish and at a fraction of the replacement cost. We have limitless color options and textures available.

Chicago Tiles Restoration

All we know the constraction job is very expensive and removing and replacing tile is messy, time consuming and expensive. We can save you up to 80% of the replacement costs and give you that completely new look. Not only will you be saving the time of installation, which has been known in some cases to take weeks, but when you decide to refinish your tile you eliminate the need to clean your grout and caulk lines ever again!

The refinishing process encapsulates your tile…and your grout, creating a watertight seal, eliminating the areas susceptible to mold and mildew making clean up both fast and simple!

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